The Delivery

Birth is just the beginning of the of the long and beautiful journey ahead. As precious as they are, babies need to be handled with utmost care, with the first few years being the most important.

Their well being needs to be catered to, from the very minute that they are introduced into this world.

Health checks post birth are useful in detecting any conditions or abnormalities. Baby health checks, also called well-baby examinations, are highly recommended, as they help monitor your baby’s growth and development, and instantly identify any issues or areas of concern.

It is advisable that even healthy babies see a doctor, midwife or child health nurse a lot, in their first two crucial and formative years of life. This starts with a newborn baby check-up.

Your baby’s very first postnatal check will be the Apgar score, which your midwife will complete at one minute and then five minutes after he/she is born. The test is so quick you may not even notice it being done – having just given birth. Your midwife will check your baby for a number of factors including Skin colour, heart rate, reflex response, muscle tone and breathing.

Most babies will show no signs of concern, however, if the midwife notices any issues she can call for immediate treatment. As such these checks are an important aspect of your baby’s postnatal care.

The Delivery
Post-Natal Phase